The Quiet of Winter

We’re nearing solstice, my favourite day of the year. From here on in the days only get longer as the sun returns to the south. But the cold weather will be with us for a while.

It was mighty chilly in the hall for folk club on May 25th. Even with the four wall heaters going full blast, most people kept their heavy coats on. We learned today that the hall will be getting two additional heaters very soon, hopefully in time for folk club on the 29th of June! Either way, brave the cold and come on out. We’ll have a hot cup of tea there for you, and some beautiful music to warm your heart.

There’s a myth that things slow down in the winter, but you wouldn’t know that by looking around our area. Check the Sawmill CafĂ© gig guide for all kinds of good musical items coming up.

July 5th there will be a Mid-winter BBQ at the Vintage Market in Matakana. Hot Diggity bluegrass band will be playing there. If you missed them at the hall on the 31st of May, here’s your second chance!

Stay warm, everyone.