Hiring the Hall


  • Booking manager: Jenine Abarbanel, ph. 021 428 568, whangateauhallbookings@gmail.com
  • Hall Booking Form
  • Conditions of Hire
  • Maximum hall occupancy: 100
  • Hall Hire: $150/day (or $25/hour) + refundable $450 bond
    1. To confirm the booking customer pays $200 or the hall hire fee, whichever is less, into bank account 12-3095-0102854-01. This is their deposit.
    2. Full refund if cancelled one month prior to the event, 50% thereafter.
    3. One week prior to the event, customer pays remaining hall booking fee, if applicable, to bank account 12-3095-0102854-01, and $450 bond to bank account 12-3095-0102854-01.
    4. After the event, hall to be inspected by caretaker and customer refunded all, part or none of the bond as determined by condition of hall.
  • We recommend you book 1 to 2 years in advance, and book 3 full days, one on either side of the event.
  • Hall hire includes:
    • 90 chairs (80 padded metal chairs, 10 plastic outdoor chairs)
    • 11 trestle tables (5 plastic, 6 wooden) + 1 large wooden hall table
    • Basic crockery for about 50 people (you may require extra serving bowls)
    • Cutlery for about 30.
  • Hall Dimensions:
    • Foyer, 3.4m x 3.5m
    • Main hall, 6.5m x 10.9m
    • Stage, 6.5m x 3m
    • Kitchen, 2.6m x 4m
  • Kitchen:
    • Electric full size stove top hob and oven
    • Microwave oven
    • Hot water zip drive and kettle
    • Refrigerator and freezer
    • Assorted mismatched crockery, glasses, cutlery, tea/coffee service for about 40 people
  • Not available through hall:
    • Glassware
    • Tablecloths
    • Sound system
  • NB: The drinking water at the hall has an unpleasant taste.  Until the council corrects this, we recommend bringing your own drinking water.

If you are having a seated meal, you may choose to hire a marquee with extra tables and chairs for use by your guests before/after the meal.

Decorating the hall:

  • No nails, pins or tape to be used on the walls of the hall.
  • There are hooks already in place for hanging bunting or other decorations. 
  • Do not hang decorations near or from the wall mounted heaters
  • You must provide your own ladder.
  • Do not disturb display cases on walls.  They may be covered if desired.

Prohibited within Whangateau Hall:

  • Sharp objects that can damage walls or floors
  • Candles or naked flames
  • Animals