29 February, Monday: Folk Club with special guest Keith Levy

As a second half guest at our February folk club we will be visited by storyteller/social commentator/musician Keith Levy. Don’t know much about Mr. Levy, but he’s absolutely hilarious on the phone, so I reckon we’re in for a good evening!


Keith Levy, whoever he is, was born in Wellington, New Zealand, and lived, worked and played there until he was asked to leave. He ventured north, sailed in the Pacific and around New Zealand’s Northern East Coast. He was rescued after his yacht Sofia rolled 360 degrees and dismasted in a ‘Weather Bomb’ in ’94. With no money but lots of imagination and the help of friends, he built a junk rigged yacht called Shoestring, living on her for six years before becoming a land gypsy in 2001. He now lives in The Flying Tortoise. He has fathered children, planted trees, built a house, written a story for film and published a book titled ‘How To Live Well On A Small Income’. He’s had a career in advertising and marketing. As an artist, he painted ‘Simplified Images of Nature’. For the twenty years up to 2010, he created ‘New Zealand’s Funniest Range of Handmade Greeting Cards’. Some were so outrageous they carried a ‘Health Warning – Laughing can cause you to live longer!’ It’s said they made one million people laugh. Keith lives the philosophies of Henry David Thoreau, Zen Buddhism and the Japanese Wabi-Sabi. He’s a Sun Worshipper. A Guitarist, A Rhymester, A Fisherman. And was a Blogger.