Regular meeting, 05 September 2022

Whangateau Hall Committee 

Meeting Monday: 05 Sep 2022

Type of meeting: Quarterly

Members: Richard Gerard, Angela Clemens, Jenine Abarbanel, Hugh McKergow, Audrey Sharp, Petrina Brenchley, Marie Ashton, Angela Clemens

Present: Petrina Brenchley, Ang Clemens, Marie Ashton, Hugh McKergow, Audrey Sharp, Elise Macdonald, Jenine Abarbanel, Richard Gerard


Meeting opened at: 7:48


  1. Election of officers
    1. Elise nominates Richard for Chairperson, seconded by Jenine.  Uncontested.
    2. Jenine nominates Audrey as treasurer, seconded by Marie.  Uncontested
    3. Audrey nominates Jenine as secretary, seconded by Elise.  Uncontested
    4. Richard nominates Marie for new position of Fundraiser, seconded by Audrey.  Uncontested
    5. Richard nominates Petrina as hall caretaker, seconded by Elise.  Uncontested.
    6. Richard moves all nominations be accepted and declares the positions filled.
  2. Next meeting is December the 5th.  
  1. Read Minutes of last meeting. Read July 2022 minutes.  Moved to accept: Richard.  Second: Elise all in favour.  
  2. Matters arising
    1. Repairing the chairs.  We will repair the worst of the damaged fabric with what we’ve got, and Marie will lead fundraising for full replacement with Audrey.
    2. Photos in cabinets.  Hugh brought a new picture for the cabinets..
    3. Toilet Block Replacement. No vehicle crossing needed.  Yes, light on parking lot. (Richard to reply to Peter Bilton)  Jenine, post proposal to Love Leigh.
    4. Beach erosion.  Richard still communicating with Geoff Pitman about this.  Frustration mounting.
    5. Communicating with Ngati Manuhiri.  Marie got a contact email:
    6. History project about old school?  Hugh sent Whangateau history through, shared with committee.  Marie going to lead new project with Hugh?
    7. Boundary fence?  No new info
    8. Sets of keys. Request submitted to Council to replace locks on two front doors and add one to kitchen door all with same key.  Richard to follow up with Peter Bilton.
    9. When does the council empty the womens’ sanitary rubbish bins?  Jenine following up with Barbara Clark.
  3. Correspondence
    1. Incoming – (See attachments)
      1. One from Peter Bilton regarding the toilet 19/4 and 9/6, asking for decision on toilet block.
    2. Outgoing
    3. Richard moves that inwards accepted, outwards endorsed.  Seconded: Audrey.  Accepted.
  4. Treasurer Report
    1. Committee Account Balance: $3411.98.  
    2. Outgoing: $327.75 for Insurance.
    3. Incoming: $200 from Folk Club.
    4. Jenine moves the report be accepted.  Richard seconds.  Accepted.
  5. Caretaker report
    1. New lockbox code: 
    2. Petrina taking over as hall caretaker.  
    3. Rodney Rams have the key to the padlock on the chain leading from hall parking lot to playing fields.  We should put a padlock on the chain at the campground end.  Jenine to discuss with Petrina.
    4. Water pressure in kitchen is still crap.  Also not great in bathroom.
    5. The “repaired” motion sensor light over the kitchen door now does not work AT ALL.  Jenine was there the day the guy supposedly “fixed” it.  He said he was turning the sensitivity up to maximum.  She asked for a switch so we can just turn it on and off.  For some reason, that was too hard.  Now it doesn’t come on at all.
    6. We still have a number of splitting floorboards.
  6. General and New Business
    1. Pohutukawa preservation.  Another community meeting scheduled for 14 September.  The committee resolves to support the majority decision at the meeting (but we are really hoping they vote FOR trees for shade). 
    2. Crockery audit.  Elise and Marie will look at that.
    3. The water in the hall tastes terrible.  Petrina reports: in February it was discovered that the reserve water supply has salt-water incursion.  Right now all the holiday park water is being trucked in while solutions are investigated. 
  7. Meeting closed at 8:45pm

Next meeting: 5 December 2022, 7pm.  

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