Conditions of Hire

  1. To confirm the booking customer pays $200 deposit or the hall booking fee, whichever is less, into bank account 12-3095-0102854-01.
  2. Full refund if cancelled at least three months prior to the event, 50% thereafter.
  3. One week prior to the event, customer pays remaining hall booking fee, if applicable, and $450 bond to account 12-3095-0102854-01.
  4. After the event hall to be inspected by caretaker and customer refunded all, part or none of the bond as determined by condition of hall.
  1. In the event of a problem arising with the security of the building outside the usual booking office hours, Metropolitan Security Limited should be contacted – phone 09 426 4255
  2. Only use the part of the complex that has been hired and paid for, for the time specified
  3. The Hall is to be vacated AND cleaned by the finish time stated in the hire agreement. Where prior agreement is obtained, cleaning may take place by 10:00am the following day. A cleaning fee may be deducted from the bond if deemed necessary by the committee.
  4. Collection and return of the keys with the User’s Checklist to be arranged with Jenine Abarbanel or Petrina Brenchley.
  5. No staples, drawing pins, nails, tape or paint to be applied to interior walls.
  6. Hall to be cleaned according to Cleaning Instructions.
  7. Be responsible for the re-storage of all furniture to its correct place
  8. Remove all refuse accumulated during period of hire. You will need to provide your own rubbish bags.
  9. Notify caretaker of any damage or loss to Whangateau Hall property or equipment.
  10. Absolutely NO SMOKING, no open flames, no candles or dry ice are permitted in the hall at any time.
  11. No animals are allowed within Whangateau Hall at any time. Dogs on Whangateau Reserve must be kept on a lead.
  12. The sale of liquor requires a Special License from the Auckland Council’s Licensing Department. This special licence must be obtained at least 30 working days prior to the event by accessing or telephoning 0800 426 5169.
  13. Evening functions to end by midnight and premises vacated by 1:00am.  Longer hours must be sought for by the Auckland Council and Police.
  14. Take full responsibility for the storage and protection of your own equipment and property while it is within the complex.
  15. Subletting is not permitted.
  16. Any expenses incurred by the Advisory Committee due to non-fulfilment of any conditions may be deducted from the bond and/or the costs born in total by the Hirer/s.
  17. Should the bond be insufficient to cover the cost of damage or replacement, additional charges may be levied against hirer.
  18. Whangateau Hall does not book 18th or 21st birthday parties. Our apologies if other’s past actions negatively affects your plans.
  19. Cancellation policy: Notice of cancellation must be given 7 days before booking or earlier or booking fee will be forfeit.