Annual General Meeting, 05 September 2022

Whangateau Hall and Domain Reserve Committee

Annual General Meeting

05 September 2022

Present: Jackie Davies, Bruce Davies, Petrina Benchley, Ang Clemens, Marie Ashton, Hugh McKergow, Audrey Sharp, Elise Macdonald, Jenine Abarbanel, Richard Gerard

Meeting begun: 7:15pm

Chairperson Report

Chairman’s report for the Whangateau Hall and Reserve Advisory Committee General Meeting of 5th September 2022

First of all I’d like to welcome you all here tonight for our General Meeting. I can’t call it an AGM because this is the first meeting we have held to elect committee members since the Auckland Super City was formed on 1st November 2010. Prior to that, Rodney District Council ran triennial elections and we had been waiting for the new Auckland Super City to resume the process but it’s obvious now that is never going to happen. Hence our meeting tonight.

Before we begin, I’d like to acknowledge past committee members who have passed away since our last general meeting:
Jude Collings
Lynette Penney. Lynette’s mother Glenys and father John also served on the committee.
I’d also like to acknowledge Natalie Keene who had to retire from the committee due to ill health.

Some of you here might wonder what the committee actually does, what its role is. Essentially it has two main purposes (paraphrased from the original Rodney District Council “Blue Book).

To manage hall bookings and liaise with Council for its ongoing maintenance
To represent the community and user groups to the council on matters relating to the hall and reserve

To this end I’d like to point out some of the things our committee has achieved, the big-ticket items in conjunction with the council:

Removed the old particle board floor and re-instated the original kauri floor
Added the storage shed at the rear of the hall
Purchased new tables and chairs
Re-painted the exterior
Added the photo cabinets and updated the photos within them
Framed and hung copies of the old maps of the area
Replaced the picket fence and gate
Installed a flag pole (thanks to the Meiklejohn family), designed and had made a Whangateau flag
Upgraded the flood lights
Upgraded the toilet block by the play- ground
Reinstated the sandy beach on the foreshore (I do acknowledge that this project did not meet with unanimous community approval and we have issues with the health of the pohutakawa trees that we’re currently working through)
For many years, we ran a Whangateau country fair which was enjoyed by many
Worked with the council on the reserve drainage (with limited success)
Replaced drapes in the hall.
Purchased new crockery
Replaced and upgraded the lights in the hall
Restored existing old Kauri hall table that was initially donated by the McKergow family in the 1950s
Installed new wall heaters
Although technically not a committee project, our wonderful secretary and treasurer Jenine Abarbanel has run a hugely successful folk night every month (Covid restrictions notwithstanding)
Continued community support with events such as Matariki celebration, weaving on Wednesdays, folk club music evenings , the monthly market, family reunions , celebrations, weddings.
Finally, I’d like to thank all our past and present committee members. You’ve done a great job
I’d now like to move for the adoption of my report, do I have a seconder?

Treasurer Report

Balance on 1 Sep 2021: $4614.27
Balance on 31 Aug 2022: $3,211.98
Hire Bonds In: $2550.00
Donations: $660.00
Hire Bonds Out: $1830.00
Flag costs: $579.54 (Flag maker)
$460.00 (Design)
Insurance: $327.75
Table refinish: $515.00


Bruce Davies is taking over as acting chairperson for the purpose of the General Meeting committee elections.

Nominations for the committee
Richard nominates Jenine Abarbanel, seconded by Elise
Elise nominates Richard Gerard, seconded by Marie
Angela nominates Elise Macdonald, seconded by Audrey
Marie nominates Hugh McKergow, seconded by Petrina
Jenine nominates Audrey Sharp, seconded by Elise
Audrey nominates Petrina Benchley, seconded by Elise
Jenine nominates by Marie Ashton, seconded by Jackie
Audrey nominates Angela Clemens, seconded by Jenine

Marie says her neighbour Michelle wishes to stand for the committee, but she isn’t here so we can co-opt her onto the committee later.

Bruce calls for nominations to be closed, seconded by Hugh McKergow. All nominations approved.

Annual General Meeting declared closed at 7:30pm.