Whangateau Reserve Fitness Trail Proposal

At a 2015 Leigh Community Consultation event the idea of an area Fitness Trail was proposed and met with great enthusiasm. A subcommittee of the WRRA was formed to look at the idea of building a Fitness Trail around the Whangateau Reserve. It is currently in the community consultation phase. Please review the information below and have your say by filling out the survey here:


 The trail fits in the landscape and is just under a kilometre long. No obstructing of the view or the sports fields would occur.
 It consists of about ten stations.
 Already existing features on the site could be incorporated : eg. Boulders and built borders etc. The water would be another welcome option to be included.
 The stations have clear signage to instruct how to use it.
 QR-codes could be added with all sorts of information.
 The trail has a harmonic development to exercise the whole body. Exercises could be used as extension to the warm-up or winding down by the sports clubs or specifically as physiotherapy addition.
 There are exercises for stretching, flexibility, balance, strength, stamina, etc..
 The exercises are in fresh air and anytime accessible for anybody.
 The trail is made of logs and basic material . Maybe also from strong
durable playground material.
 A trail like that would need the support and cooperation of the com- munity and local bodies, like sports clubs, to maintain and look after.

It would be the greatest free gym.

Proposed locations of stations:

fitness trail map

Possible stations:

Fitness Trail Stations 1-2 Fitness Trail Stations 3-4 Fitness Trail Stations 5-6 Fitness Trail Stations 7-8 Fitness Trail Stations 9-10 Fitness Trail Stations 11-12

Supporting Documentation:

Costing information for Mt Roskill Fitness Trail from Auckland Council