31 August 2015 – Folk Club and Tuxedo Folk Band

Folk Club: 7pm – 10pm. $5 on the door.

Floor singers in first half.
Light refreshment served at half time.
Second half: SPECIAL GUEST

The TUXEDO FOLK BAND is an exciting and adventurous new folk-jazz ensemble featuring Yvette Audain (Auckland Philharmonic, Brett’s New Internationals, accompanist of Tui Award Nominee Rachel Dawick) on wind instruments (clarinet, recorder, whistles, saxophone), Eamon Edmunson-Wells on double bass (Ruckus, Tauranga Big Band, Chelsea Prastiti Band, Jeff Henderson, John Bell Band), and songwriter Richard Leschen (founder of the Bunker Hill Folk Review, soloist, Otagolands) on guitar and vocals. These diversified musicians team-up play acoustic music like no others, and have a unique progressive sound steep in old time Americana folk and jazz traditions. They are gearing up to record a fantastic new album in 2015.

More details found at:
Yvette Audain: http://www.yvetteaudain.com/
Eamon Edmunson-Wells: http://jazzlocal32.com/tag/eamon-edmunson-wells/
Richard Leschen: http://richardleschen.wordpress.com/music/

Intimate and ambient, the real richness comes from the brilliant lyrics; very melodic, engaging and genuinely far-reaching with significant depth, this is low-key brilliance. – Ania Glowacz, NZ Musician
NZ based singer-songwriter Richard Leschen draws on the deep roots music of his southern US heritage – country, bluegrass, blues – to craft intricate, fascinating songs with a wide geographical sweep, and a wide historical one. – Nick Bollinger, Radio New Zealand
Leschen is a fine guitarist … in fact, I would go as far as to say he is a very fine guitarist. The lyrics are pertinent and the playing flawless. – Keith Redgrave, Americana UK

Yvette’s music always has a freshness of her own, often a quirky sense of humour, and an artistic freedom, especially in the more Eastern-style pieces I’ve heard or played in other Auckland performances. – Katherine Hebley, cellist, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra
Yvette Audain’s achievement [of her album Grooves Unspoken] in making her playing such a gift to all kinds of sensibility. – Peter Menchen, Middle C.
[Her] security of technique throughout the instrument’s range is most impressive. – Anonymous, You Tube.