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Community Facilities and Red/Yellow/Green guidance

Auckland Council has sent through the following guidance on reopening of community facilities. Your Whangateau Hall committee is a volunteer organisation, and we do our best to provide access to our lovely hall to the community, and keep the community safe. We appreciate your support and patience as we all move through this crisis.

Advice from council:

Will visitors to your centre need a vaccination certificate?

Council has also begun a piece of work on whether visitors to our facilities will require vaccination certificates. We are looking at multiple options as the COVID-19 Protection Framework does not require public facilities to check vaccination certificates for up to 100 people distancing one metre. We will provide the outcome of this work with you when it is available (no date yet). Individuals can get a vaccine pass from the Ministry of Health website.

The new COVID-19 Protection (traffic light) Framework.

This week we’ve had enquiries around council’s expectations when interpreting the new framework to enable a safe re-opening and ability to provide services for your customers. As mentioned, we are actively working on interpreting the Government guidance and will share decisions and guidance with you.

We support our partners to interpret their unique spaces and to make decisions in response to the framework on what programmes and activities can go ahead in your facility.

Advice from our Connected Communities Department is to ‘keep it simple’ because you are likely in the challenging position of trying to uphold new rules for entry and participation. Should you have doubt around how to engage your community, the kind of programmes you can provide and the size of audience you may expect, don’t complicate activity. Think about what is manageable for your team when developing and implementing your plans and adapt as you go

The New Zealand COVID-19 Protection Framework (Red/Orange/Yellow) link:

Summary of Red:

Action needed to protect health system – system facing unsustainable number of hospitalisations. Action needed to protect at-risk populations.

  • QR code scanning or registering on record sheet is mandatory
  • Masks are mandatory in public venues and recommended whenever leaving home
  • Public events and gatherings indoors/outdoors of up to 100 people based on 1 metre distancing with a vaccine certificate
  • If no vaccination certificate is used, gatherings indoors/outdoors cannot take place

Refresher on current Alert Level 3.2: As we are currently at Alert Level 3 Step 2 and Auckland Council’s network of public facilities including community centres, art galleries, libraries, and halls can reopen, the information we provided last week is still relevant.

Update on Covid Alert Levels for Auckland Council Facilities

Unite Against Covid19

The Government has announced “steps” that modify our current Level 3 restrictions, but we do not yet have guidance from the Council on how that affects our current rules. For the time being, Whangateau Hall is open to

  1. Groups of 10 or fewer only, for periods of 2 hours or less.
  2. Face coverings and contact tracing are mandatory.
  3. Maintain physical distancing of 2m for non-bubble members.
  4. Open as many windows and doors as possible when inside the hall to allow airflow, and use the back lawn rather than the interior for groups when possible.

At Level 2, our capacity will increase to 40 people, but all other rules will stay in place.

Covid Alert Level 4 and Whangateau Hall

Next verse, same as the first …

Auckland will be at Alert Level 4 for at least another two weeks. What that means in practical terms:

  • Whangateau Hall is off limits to all users.
  • Folk Club with PLot on 30 August and Concert with Good Habits on 10 September are both cancelled.
  • If you had an event booked during the lockdown period, contact Jenine to get any bond or deposit refunded.
  • The hall may be used for pandemic related purposes (testing and vaccination) upon special arrangement.

Check back here for further information!

July Club Night: Looking for Alaska!

July club night is Monday the 26th.  Our guests will be the incredible Looking for Alaska, rescheduled from our March Club night.  The music they make is simply phenomenal: soaring acoustic ballads driven by Aaron Gott’s instrumental brilliance and Amy Maynard’s powerful, soaring vocals.  They are a band not to be missed!

Monday, July 26, $10, 6:45pm doors open, 7pm floor singers, guests after the half time supper break.

We are sad to have to report that the We Mavericks show on Sunday, 27 September has been cancelled due to the collapse of the Australia – New Zealand travel bubble.

In its place we will have the second instalment of the Whangateau Folk Radio Hour, special guests to be announced.

We’re trying something new at the Whangateau Folk Club this month.  Introducing the Whangateau Radio Hour

It’s winter time and we all need something to warm our hearts. What better than an old-fashioned radio show? Broadcast live from Whangateau Hall, four of New Zealand’s finest folk musicians will make beautiful music and entertain you. Come by for a bowl of soup, a glass of wine, and a show!

You’ll hear:
Jenine and Nat Torkington, from the Pipi Pickers. Jenine’s moving voice, Nat’s unique banjo, and Jenine’s anchoring bass will warm your extremities.
Chris ‘Albi’ Dent, from Albi and the Wolves. Chris’s character-filled voice and distinctive guitar playing have wowed audiences around the world.
Shimna Higgins, from David and Shimna. Shimna’s divine voice and sweet Irish fiddle playing are the fiery brew the doctor prescribes for midwinter blues.

We’ll livestream the show to an international audience from the acoustically- and aesthetically-beautiful 132-year old Whangateau Hall. Tell your friends to watch the stream on the night: visit to find links to the stream.

Monday, June 28, $10, 6:45pm doors open, 7pm floor singers, 8pm break, 8:30pm radio show.

July club night is Monday the 26th.  Our guests will be the incredible Looking for Alaska, rescheduled from our March Club night.  The music they make is simply phenomenal: soaring acoustic ballads driven by Aaron Gott’s instrumental brilliance and Amy Maynard’s powerful, soaring vocals.  They are a band not to be missed!
Monday, July 26, $10, 6:45pm doors open, 7pm floor singers, guests after the half time supper break.

May Club Night

Another month has come and gone, as hard as that is to believe. Tonight (Monday, 31 May) is our monthly club night! This month local legend John Green is taking the stage as our guest artist. He will also be joined by his son for part of his set!

John Green

This being a club night, we will have a first half of floor singers. Come early to claim your place amongst our other talented locals!

Doors open at 6:45 for a 7:00pm show. $10 at the door. See you there!

Club Night Monday, 29 March with Looking for Alaska!

Oh boy!  It’s Club Night Time!

Does it feel like it’s been forever since we had a club night?  It kind of does to me.  I hope you’re as excited as I am!  We’ve got a good line-up of floor singers started, but there’s plenty of room still for you!  Email me at to reserve a spot.  And remember, if you don’t get an email in on time, you can request a spot at the door and if we still have room, we can add you.  No problem!

Our March Club night guests are Looking for Alaska.  Believe me when I say that they were made to perform in our hall.  I cannot wait to hear what their voices sound like resonating off the perfect acoustic wood walls and ceilings.  It is going to be simply divine.  You will love them, don’t miss it!  That’s 29 March, Monday at 7pm, $10.  And hey, how about I open the hall up a little early and we bring our dinners and enjoy the tail end of the warm weather together?  We’ll have Koparepare wines and gluten free Kereru beers on hand to accompany your meal, in exchange for a small donation.

See you all on Monday!

Need more information? has everything you need. If not, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail.

Yours faithfully,


Whangateau Hall at Level 3

The Government has moved all of Auckland to Alert Level 3 as of 6am 28 Feb 2021.  All Auckland Council Arts, Community and Events venues are closed during Alert Level 3.  This includes Whangateau Hall.

Whangateau Hall will reopen for groups of 10 or fewer at Level 2+, 40 or fewer at Level 2.

Please stay home and observe all Ministry of Health directives and guidelines.  Working together we can get back to Level 1 “more or less normal” life as quickly as possible.