Doing the Whangateau Boogie

Folk Club report for September: OUTSTANDING. We had a surprisingly large crowd, all there no doubt to hear John Hayday and Vaughn Morgan again. It was wonderful to see so many new faces there. We had a wonderful set of musical offerings during the floor singer session, including two first time performers who we hope to see more of in the future.

Coming in October: Folk Club on Monday, October 26th. Jenine won’t be available, so John Hayday will be running the club.

Ever wanted to learn Celtic Fiddle? Nova Scotia, Canada, produces some of the finest Celtic fiddlers in the world. Gillian Boucher of Nova Scotia has recently relocated to the Kapiti Coast in Wellington and she is giving lessons online. She promises she can get you from beginner to expert quickly and inexpensively. Check out her website for more information: She’s playing in a duo with Scottish singer/songwriter/guitarist Bob McNeill, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to get them up to our club some day.

See you all at the hall!