Dennis Duigan and Ramblin’ Ash at February Club Night

The February Club Night is Monday, 25 February, at 7pm.  First half floor singers.  $15.

Dennis and Ramblin’ Ash have been performing solo across Australia and in Bluegrass and Western Swing bands – this tour will see them join forces to create an act that highlights the best they have to offer.

Possessing a powerful set of pipes that are equal parts soulful and high lonesome, Dennis’s repertoire draws from both the vast canon of American roots music, and a growing body of his own Southern flavoured original creations. A former heavy metal reprobate who defected and took up residence in the Americana folk music camp, Dennis has a lingering penchant for intricate and nuanced playing.

You might find Ramblin’ Ash Constance pickin’ old country songs for grey nomads at a free camp in rural Victoria, or playing at a crowded blues bar in Brisbane city – wherever and whenever she turns up, there is always a story to be told and a tune to be sung. With a voice like birdsong and the rollicking, rough and tumble of a true traveller she will break your heart, then charm your socks off and leave you longing for a life on the road.