26 September 2022: Music and Community tonight!

Matt Jones of the Dirt Road Orchestra in Puhoi hosts tonight at Whangateau Folk Club!  His special guest is Jemilah Ross-Hayes.  Jemilah’s rich vocals like warm milk, are the perfect accompaniment to your folk club half time bikkie and cuppa.  Read more about her below.  If you’d like a first half floor spot, come early and sign up at the door.  I’ll be rolling in from Queenstown a little late, hoping to see you all there!  $15 at the door, 7pm start!  

Jemilah Ross-HayesAbout Jemilah Ross-Hayes:  Jemilah will entrance you with honest lyricism that seeks to unravel the tough truths, deep doubts and soft soul within her experiences. Knitted into a soft blanket of open chords, Jemilah’s lyrics aspire to wrap you in the feeling of coming home.
Between the green comforts of her upbringing on Waiheke Island, to the bustling cities of Europe, she has dipped her musical spoons in many jars of honey. Discovering loneliness, freedom, confidence and wonder, she will transport you to Galway’s cobblestoned Irish streets and walk with you through the curving canals in Venice.

Jemilah will be accompanied by musical collaborator Koen Aldershof.