Whangateau Usage Rules at Level 2+

As of Friday, 29 May, New Zealand Covid19 Alert Level 2 has been loosened to allow groups of up to 100 people. Accordingly, Whangateau Hall rules have been adjusted as follows.

  1. Maximum occupancy of hall grounds (within picket fence) to be limited to 40 people.
  2. Events in the hall and grounds are still limited to 2 hours in duration.
  3. Hirer must complete an attendance register with names and phone numbers for all people present and submit to hall Supervisor (Jenine Abarbanel, jenine@torkington.com, 021 428 568) immediately upon completion of hire.
  4. Hall hirer must see that social distancing of 1m is maintained at all times.
  5. The wearing of masks is encouraged but not required.
  6. In addition to the usual required cleaning, all surfaces and doorknobs are to be sprayed down and wiped with provided disinfectant sprays and cloths. All used towels and wiping cloths to be left in hall foyer in bucket provided.
  7. All other conditions of hire and post-use cleaning requirements for Whangateau Hall remain in place and unchanged.
  8. These guidelines may be updated in response to any new guidelines issued by the New Zealand Government or Auckland Council. For more information: https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-system/alert-level-2/.  Additional guidance has been incorporated from https://www.majorevents.govt.nz/resource-bank/covid-19-advice-for-event-organisers/.

For more information about using the hall, contact Jenine at 021 428 568 or jenine@torkington.com