Upcoming events: please help get the word out!

Every month I struggle to adequately advertise the wonderful music we have on at the hall, and it’s just a shame. I am sure more people really would have loved to see the concerts we’ve had on recently, if only they knew about them. I’ve made up what I think is a very nice poster covering the next couple of months. Quite pleased with how it turned out, really. I printed out a few and left one at the library and iSite in Warkworth, and a couple other places, but I just don’t have time to get them to everyone everywhere, or the budget to cover the printing? Can you help? If everyone who reads this printed out one copy and put it up at work, or their gym, or pretty much anywhere, that would be really helpful. You’d be helping to keep ticket prices for shows down, because we don’t have a budget for printing or advertising, and we like all the ticket money to go to the amazing artists who come perform for us, and to the Whangateau Hall Committee to help maintain our beautiful hall.


2016 2nd qtr Poster