Change of Guest for January Club Night

Our originally scheduled guests for January, Pat Smith and Ned Clamp, are unable to travel from the UK to NZ due to health issues, so we have had to make some changes to the calendar.

The Frank Burkitt Band

Frank Burkitt Band

Instead, the fabulous Frank Burkitt Band will be coming straight from their guest appearance at the Auckland Folk Festival to play at Whangateau. Frank Burkitt is well known for entertaining story-telling, tightly arranged songs and delicious harmony and a set list that contains blues, country, bluegrass, swing and some Scottish folk. It is good old fashioned original song-writing backed up by a band that understands perfectly how to add infectious rhythm and groove (Geluk’s bass), varied and skilled solo breaks (Burnell and Jackson on mandolin and fiddle) and endorphin-exploding harmonies (Filbey on backing vocals). $15.

More about the band: The Frank Burkitt Band.