End to a successful first year

Thanks to everyone who has come to the folk club this year. Special thanks to the musicians who have signed up to perform floor spots. We had a pretty good first year, so I guess this is going to be a thing. We’ve had lots of interest from performers and music lovers, it should be another great year.

Your $5 door charge has gone into a fund to make sure we can pay visiting musicians a decent amount for showing up and sharing their talents. Right now we’ve got about $500 in the bank, and I made a donation of $40 to the Whangateau Hall Committee Fund to buy an electric kettle and emergency water storage containers. This will make sense to anyone who was at the November folk club meeting! Still not sure what happened there, but it is being looked into and sorted.*

Please have a look at the upcoming events, we’ve got some truly amazing musicians coming our way in 2016.

Have a happy, safe, and fun holiday, everyone! Enjoy the summer weather, go to the beach and play some music!

See you in 2016,

*at the November meeting the water supply filled with clay silt, and then disappeared entirely, leaving us with muddy cups of tea, and then no way to wash up. Gotta love country life! (And we do!)