30 July 2018, Monday. Club Night.. Special Guest: Niels Gedge. 7pm. $10.

27 August 2018, Monday. Club Night. Special Guest: Pete and the Skiffy Rivets. 7pm. $10.

20 September 2018, Thursday.  Full Concert. Special guest Pete Denehy from Australia.  7pm. $15. Tickets available from Eventfinder.

24 September 2018, Monday. Club Night.  Special Guest: The Bully Boys, singing a combination of mostly a capella old traditional folk from the British Isles and maritime sea shanties. 7pm. $10.

11 October 2018, Thursday. Full Concert with The Nukes ukulele Trio.  $10.  7:30pm.

29 October 2018, Monday. Club Night with special guests Albi and the Wolves! Floor singers first half. 7pm. $10. 7pm. $10.

14 November 2018, Wednesday. Full concert with Alpaca Social Club. 7:30pm. $10. Tickets available on Eventfinder.

26 November 2018, Monday. Club Night.  Special guest: The Sonoran Dogs!

13 December 2018, Thursday. Full Concert  with Rhode Works!

26 December 2018, Wednesday. Boxing Day Club Party. Leftovers Potluck. Open Mic acoustic music. 6pm. Gold Coin donation.

Coming back in 2019: Lonely Heartstring Band (USA); Frank Burkitt Band (Auckland). New for 2019: Himmerland (The Netherlands); Peter Tichener (New Mexico, USA); Wilde Taylor (Auckland). And much much more in the works!