Bluegrass and Beyond

September 2020 Folk Club with Bluegrass and Beyond

Folk Club is back!

Doors open at 6:45pm. First half floor singers begin at 7pm. Email to reserve your spot!

Guest: Bluegrass and Beyond!

When Bluegrass & Beyond go to play bluegrass, there can be a little mission creep out past the historically accurate Bill Monroe genre.

The authentic bluegrass is there alright, it’s just that other stuff somehow sneaks in, like the bluegrassifcation of 60s songs, or genuine Cameron Bennett originals which have a flair for capturing stories in a way that is both genuine Americana bluegrass and somehow could only be Kiwi. Throw in some 3 part harmony and Colin Speir’s flat pick guitar and rag-time guitar plus his work on 5 String Banjo – there’s a lot goin’ on…

Let the Good Times Roll, People!!!

John Olding – guitar, lead vocal

Colin Speir – guitar, banjo, BV’s

Cameron Bennett – dobro, vocals and BV’s

Pete Parnham – bass fiddle, BV’s.