July Club Night with Dirt Road Orchestra


This month, our club night guest is the Dirt Road Orchestra from Puhoi. These funky fellows have been delighting listeners at our club nights for a while now, with their bluesy, folky, rocky fun. Everyone who has seen them is very much looking forward to hearing an entire set from them, be sure you don’t miss it!

July 25
7pm. Floor singers in the first half, please come early to put your name down for a floor spot.

Video from April Club Night

April club night was held on Anzac Day. Many of our floor singers presented Anzac Day themed songs, and none so beautifully as John Hayday and Vaughan Morgan with “Remembrance Day.” Many thanks to John and Vaughan for being part of our club and sharing their lovely music with us.

Daniel Champagne Tickets and New Celtic Session in Puhoi


Pre-sale tickets for Daniel Champagne are finally live. Woopee! It’s going to be a great show!


In the mailbag


A message from Alan Wagstaff in Puhoi:

Greetings Singers, Dancers, and Musicians! I’m starting a folk/Celtic ‘session’ in Puhoi to be held in the Puhoi Sports Club rooms, which are in the centre of Puhoi Village. The dates we have booked so far are all Thursdays: 31st March, 7th April, 21st April, 5th May, 19th May, 2nd June. The session will run from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm. This is a ‘session’ – not a performance evening. We have about 20 musicians interested at this point and if you play the spoons, the bodhran, the linoleum, banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, accordion, the whistle, bass – or anything else for that matter – or you just like to sing this kind of stuff, you’re invited to join in. We expect about a 2 to 1 ratio of tunes to songs. There’s a $2 charge to cover room hire and to pay the bar staff. We’ve got a Dropbox set of about 30 music charts and sounds files (PDFs and aiffs) to get us going. Anyone who wants to join us will be given access to the Dropbox. From there you can print the music and/or listen to the sound files (aiffs). So, if you want to join us for a roistering, rollickin evening of music making please send me an email: Alan Wagstaff alanw@ihug.co.nz or call +64 (0)274 836 023.

Upcoming events: please help get the word out!

Every month I struggle to adequately advertise the wonderful music we have on at the hall, and it’s just a shame. I am sure more people really would have loved to see the concerts we’ve had on recently, if only they knew about them. I’ve made up what I think is a very nice poster covering the next couple of months. Quite pleased with how it turned out, really. I printed out a few and left one at the library and iSite in Warkworth, and a couple other places, but I just don’t have time to get them to everyone everywhere, or the budget to cover the printing? Can you help? If everyone who reads this printed out one copy and put it up at work, or their gym, or pretty much anywhere, that would be really helpful. You’d be helping to keep ticket prices for shows down, because we don’t have a budget for printing or advertising, and we like all the ticket money to go to the amazing artists who come perform for us, and to the Whangateau Hall Committee to help maintain our beautiful hall.


2016 2nd qtr Poster

Rhythm and Drumming workshop in Wellsford

the local vocals choir inc.
is delighted to present

Sunday 20th March 2 – 4.30pm

Drumming, rhythm & singing workshop with Jaqui

“Everything vibrates and has rhythm. The very first sound we all heard was the constant rhythm of our mother’s heart beat. Connecting with rhythm in the form of drumming will quickly reduce stress, free the mind of its chatter, energize the body and create unity within groups.” – Jaqui rhythmdotcom.com

Wellsford District Community Centre
LVC financial members $20, others $30
further details & registration contact: singlvc@gmail.com, or ph. Anna 4237740

drumming w-s low res